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「theWAREHOUSE」 的誕生




為此,我們走訪世界的不同的角落,大小的眼鏡展覽,務求達到把有質量的鏡架儲存到倉-「theWAREHOUSE,不單是經典不朽的美國品牌Oliver Peoples深遠歷史的日本品牌如「金子鏡」,創意的歐洲品牌如「Massada以至剛剛冒起而極具潛質的後起之秀,也將成為我們致力網羅的目標。


Like many others, the founder of "theWAREHOUSE", J. Chan, wears corrective glasses since he is a kid. His passion in eyeglasses grows gradually and gets intensified when he further his study in Tokyo.

Japan is famous of its long history in building beautiful, long-lasting, handmade frames. J is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to witness the manufacturing process of these frames during his frequent visits to these craft men's workshop in Fukui, the origin of many magnificent brands, whenever he is having his school break. As an amateur, he is deeply impressed. The glowing desire to share his memorable experience and his joy of possessing these utmost sculpture-like frames empower him to start the "theWAREHOUSE" optical.

The Ultimate goal of "theWAREHOUSE"

"Unique", "Classical" and "Trendy" are three simple words that describe our collections. In order to make our selection complete, we travel around the world, attend numerous exhibitions, pay visits to manufacturers to extend the variety of our frames. We target not only popular American classic like "Oliver Peoples", historical Japanese hand-made like "Kaneko Optical 金子眼鏡", or innovative European "Massada", also those insightful and upcoming manufacturers of any nations. Hopefully, every customers can enjoy our selections and finally lay their hands on their beloved frames.